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 The Classic Browser Distribution Partners:

We are very grateful to all websites that help distribute our software. If your site should be included in our partner's list we apologize that we haven’t noticed so please drop us a line and we’ll quickly sort it out. Software distribution sites are encouraged to host the Classic browser and in exchange they’ll receive a direct “do follow” link on our distribution partner’s page and be included in the browser’s new “Software Downloads” menu group which will circulate from v2.4 onwards. This menu can be found in the browser under: Main Menu > Bookmarks/Favorites > Websites In this way your website will travel the world with us and enter people’s homes via a unique Internet browser that is slowly but surely making an impact on the market. Permission is granted to copy and use text, images, and other content from the Classic Browser's home site. You can also capture within the browser via: Main Menu > Page Operations > Capture Page.
Thank you very much. ☺