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The Classic Browser


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TypeArchiveVersionChromium EngSuitable O/SNotes
PortableClassic-32.zipv3.3v65.0.3325.181Vista+For 32-bit Windows
PortableClassic-64.zipv3.3v65.0.3325.181Win7+For 64-bit Windows
InstallableClassic-XP.exev1.8v49.0.2623.110WinXP+Outdated, various issues

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The Classic Tools
Tseri - Nicosia - Cyprus

NB: The Classic Tools software house was formerly known as The Bequer Tools
so the product CSS3 Machines will be back online here on our new site soon.

❀ Browser Features

The Hallmark of the Classic browser:
The Internet is all about the websites YOU like to visit often so links to these sites are THE most important aspect of a browser... and that's why we designed the Classic browser to accentuate YOUR favorites as they should be!

Simultaneously it's important to compare this with what is NOT important about the Internet such as… what Google thinks, what Microsoft has on offer, and what other corporations are doing.

So using this browser essentially means that YOUR needs are elevated to the highest possible level while dominant corporations are demoted to an almost non existent status where they belong!

While using the Classic browser you will never hear from Google again, they will never bother you again, there will be no more one-sided agreements to enter, no user tracking allowed whatsoever, and no violations to your system whatsoever.

We offer you LIBERTY from the evil clutches of corporate America and it's now up to YOU to take advantage of it.

Dynamic Cache-Less Browsing:
The Classic features dynamic cache-less rendering which translates to superb loading speeds by relying on TODAY'S modern hardware and Internet speeds to FETCH content as opposed to saving copies of pages on the hard disk. The browser cache is a now OBSOLETE necessity of the 80s and 90s when Internet speeds were in their infancy and reloading old saved data made sense.

As a bonus, in a cache-less environment HTTP ETags are utterly useless and provide no user-tracking opportunities for exploiters thereby guarding your privacy.

Furthermore, no gargantuan cache files are created on your hard disk removing yet another speed bottleneck and further protecting the privacy of your Internet surfing activity.

A dynamic cache-less browser also means that any references to cache control in scripts are obsolete so the browser always fetches the LATEST version of a page regardless, ensuring you always get the most up to date content.

Frankly, you'd have to be INSANE to ever go back to an archaic cache-based browser again!

True Security no gimmicks:
Unlike insecure browsers like Chrome/FF/Edge, the Classic is NON-programmable by 3rd parties (yet highly user-configurable) so it does not serve as a TROJAN HORSE for malicious script to access your system.

Your Home page or any other of your settings, can NEVER be modified by outsiders and no unauthorized redirections are permitted whatsoever. The Classic is an IMPENETRABLE BASTION to outsiders as it leaves no backdoors or front doors open for malicious access.

So the next time you read about a programmable browser being “secure” enjoy the oxymoron!

100% Privacy by Default:
The Classic's dynamic cache-less nature and a host of other settings, ensure your 100% privacy, which you can easily verify with a 3rd party online privacy testing tool like “Panopticlick” or “Aloodo”. You'll find that the Classic is the ONLY browser on the market that attains PERFECT privacy protection, straight out of the box!

No add-ons are needed and no obscure settings buried deep in some crevice are required to enable privacy, in fact you can't turn privacy off even if you wanted to.

Don’t be fooled by deceiving “incognito tabs” and similar gimmicks invented by corporate cheats to spread a false sense of privacy. If you’re going to use a corporate browser then there is NO ESCAPE from privacy violation because their software is HARD-CODED to phone home in multiple ways.

Ad-blockers are for suckers…
Ad-blockers are BOGUS browser add-ons invented by scam artists to deceive the public into believing that they are safeguarding them from ads and other undesirable scripts but had they cared about you they wouldn’t maintain “whitelists” of so-called “good advertisers”, in other words THEIR customers!

There is only ONE effective way to kill ALL ADS and other undesirable scripts, and that is to use the Windows operating system’s NATIVE method via the Windows HOSTS file.

The Classic Browser works very closely with the Windows HOSTS file ensuring you are never bothered by ads again, and with a ZERO overhead on all browsers installed as it should be.

No Crashes!
The Classic doesn't suffer from random crashes and bad behavior because we have meticulously debugged our code. In fact we are so confident of our source code that we have enabled "Browser Error Message Reporting" by default in the browser options because if there's a problem we want to know about it so we can eliminate it for the next version instead of hiding it!

If a problem ever occurs it will gracefully display the error message in detail but it will never crash with a ridiculous… “Aw, Snap!”. Such things just don't happen in the Classic.

Respect for Users and their Systems:
No privacy violations, obligatory one-sided agreements, contracts, threats, or other types of user bullying because this browser respects both users and their computer systems like they deserve.

The Classic will happily coexist with other browsers and software. It does not change your Windows registry, it does not add scheduled tasks, it does not add background services, it does not open ports to transmit your habits to servers, and it does not need or request to be the default browser even. That's what RESPECT for people's computer systems is all about.

Fantastic Bookmark Menus:
The modern Internet browser is all about YOUR favorites or the websites you love to visit regularly and that's why we've paid a LOT of attention to this area to give you the most beautiful, configurable, and versatile Favorites menus possible.

Revolutionary Internet Searching:
What could be easier and more powerful than typing once and getting search results from up to 12 unique search engines of your choice? You just can't beat that so expand your horizons with our Multi-Search!

Superb Entertainment:
The Classic Browser includes special menus for Web-TV, Web-Radio, Web-Tunes, and popular websites. Top quality free LIVE Internet Radio and TV streaming from hundreds of channels is just a click away!

Tools you've always wanted:
We're not ashamed to admit that the Classic Browser has powerful scraping capabilities offered strictly for personal use. Please use them responsibly and wisely.

HTML5 Compatibility Checking:
We've exhausted searching the Internet but couldn't find a single decent HTML5 document checker so we added a native one for you! With this tool we offer you a treasure-trove of information and error checking on all websites. Enjoy it.

Local Media Support:
We haven't forgotten the hundreds of audio, video, and image files you've probably got sitting on your hard disk collecting dust. We unearth and give them new life for you in a beautiful menu for easy access. Pleaser note that this is not a file manager but a player/viewer menu for local files.

Faster Downloads:
Upon clicking a download link the precious seconds it takes for the "Save As" dialog box to appear and for you to enter and OK the pathname, are not wasted because the Classic Browser starts downloading immediately to a data buffer in memory and if you decide to cancel the data buffer is simply discarded but if you go ahead with the save much of the file has already been downloaded and stored in memory! This results in faster downloads thanks to this head start.

Powerful Screen Adjustments:
Apply powerful filters to websites like grayscale, sepia, and inversion or set the brightness, contrast, saturation, opacity, and hue. Special effects like page flipping, skewing, scaling, rotating and zooming can also be easily set. Have you ever surfed the Internet while lying down flat on a bed? Well now you can rotate the viewport to any angle!

RSS & Atom Feeds:
RSS and Atom Feeds are automatically detected and displayed in a fast, flexible, and beautiful built-in reader. Subscription syndicate feeds are not supported though.

Web Widgets:
Web Widgets are supported in a menu of their own. These are cute little gadgets that offer some kind of functionality like calculators, currency converters, games, and many others. Add/delete widgets as you please… Iframe, Object, and Embed based widgets are supported while inline Script based are not for security reasons.

Web Technologies:
Technologies supported by the Classic include the IPv6 protocol, WebSockets, TCP Fastopen (in Windows 10+), WebGL, WebVR, and WebRTC.

Another Chrome clone?
Absolutely not! The Classic Browser uses the Chromium engine strictly as a RENDERER-ONLY and that's where the similarities with Chrome end. Our entire interface and all number-crunching routines are custom written from the ground up including our Tab manager, History manager, Bookmarks manager, Password manager, Download manager, Events manager, and so forth.

Chromium is only called to pass a URL to it to display a website, in fact we have fine-tuned the highly configurable Chromium engine not only to support the latest web technologies but to also not waste precious time writing to your hard disk and thus the absence of Internet junk files.

So how does YOUR browser measure up to the Classic? (NB: Images shown may vary from the latest version)

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